Welcome! The kitchen table is where we chop vegetables, knead dough, do homework, pause for a cup and a bite, or share supper with friends. It is the place where ideas take root and blossom. We invite you to join our monthly online, interactive gatherings, open to anyone interested.
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Tending the Garden:
How Microbes Feed Us
Tuesday 23rd March 18:00-19:30 GMT
If you think of bacteria as something to be feared and wiped away with spray and cloth, now may be the time to change your mind!  Did you know that bacteria were fundamental to the creation of life on earth? And that our bodies wouldn’t exist as they do without bacteria? And that microbes are fundamental to both growing food and consuming it? And that they are fundamental to plant and human health? The live biomass of all microbes may be at least as much as all plants and animals on Earth. And we can’t see them.  Co-authors of The Hidden Half of Nature, David R. Montgomery and Anne Biklé will lead our discussion through the myriad tiny byways and interactions of microbes, and explain how fostering good microbial populations is fundamental to both human bodily health and healthy food production. This is one that your good life depends on.
Our Mission
Together at the table
The idea for monthly gatherings on a regular basis orginated at the 2020 VSymp, when a necessity became a vision and then a virtual reality, allowing us to come together, discuss and share, learn and laugh - almost like in Oxford, at St Catz. That exceptional experience made us understand how important it is to create and safeguard an accessible online space where our community can meet and grow, independent from any commercial or political interests, travel restraints or health scares.

For everyone with a deep interest in food who feels the need to change the conversation, the Oxford Food Symposium’s Kitchen Table presents single subject, hosted discussions, with all voices respected. Unlike the distance that comes with a keynote delivered from a lectern, these are informal, personal encounters around a table, to share ideas and spark constructive debate on issues that profoundly affect us all. So pull up a chair and join us!

We do not record our discussions but you'll find reports on our blog: https://www.oxfordsymposium.org.uk/blog/